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Stamoulis Group - Renovations - Frames - Metal Buildings - Wardrobes - Doors - Kitchen - Chalk



Stamoulis Group is a leading company based in the beautiful city of Chalkida, which specializes in the renovation of business premises. With many years of experience and a specialized team of professionals, the company offers high-quality renovation and upgrading services for business premises that satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Renovation Services:

  • Design and Development: Stamoulis Group works closely with each client to understand the needs and specifications of their business space. Based on this information, designs are created that are perfectly adapted to the customer's wishes.
  • Interior Renovation: The company undertakes the complete renovation of interiors, including the renewal of floors, walls, ceilings, as well as the installation of new and innovative materials.
  • Upgrading Exterior Spaces: In addition, Stamoulis Group takes care of upgrading the exterior spaces of your business premises, so that you can offer a pleasant and professional image to your clients and visitors.

Stamoulis Group's dedication to quality and professional attitude has won the trust of many businesses and professional organizations in Chalkida and the wider region. The company's clients enjoy customized solutions and efficient execution of their projects, always with high quality and professional aesthetics in mind.

If you own a commercial space in Chalkida and are looking for a reliable and experienced renovation company, Stamoulis Group is the ideal partner to transform your space into a functional, pleasant and professional environment.