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Stamoulis Group - Renovations - Frames - Wardrobes - Doors - Kitchen - Chalk



Stamoulis Group is a reliable company based in the city of Chalkida, specializing in the construction of metal buildings. We recognize the growing municipal and industrial demand for this type of building and offer specialized solutions that meet our customers' needs.

Our experience in the construction of metal buildings spans many sectors, including industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. We undertake complete projects, from design and engineering to installation and delivery. We are familiar with the requirements of each project and have the expertise and resources to provide customized and high quality solutions.

At Stamoulis Group, we collaborate with an experienced design and engineering station, which undertakes the design and study of metal structures. We use modern technologies and advanced equipment to construct and control our buildings, ensuring their accuracy, durability and safety.

Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is an integral part of our philosophy. We offer customized solutions according to the needs and specifications of each customer, ensuring the high quality and validity of our metal constructions.

If you wish to construct a metal building, Stamoulis Group is the ideal choice for you. Trust us with your project and we will ensure that you have a high-quality building, durable and adapted to your needs.