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Stamoulis Group - Renovations - Metal Buildings - Wardrobes - Frames - Doors - Chalkida



Stamoulis Group is a leading company based in the city of Chalkida that deals with the installation of kitchen furniture, kitchen worktops, kitchen cabinets and kitchen renovation. We understand that the kitchen is a vital space in every home and business, and we offer specialized services to create functional, aesthetically appealing and practical kitchens that meet our customers' needs and preferences.

Our experience in fitting kitchen furniture allows us to offer a wide range of designs, materials and colors to create the ideal kitchen for you. We work with leading kitchen furniture suppliers and use high quality materials such as wood, metal and smooth surfaces to ensure a kitchen that is durable, aesthetically appealing and easy to maintain.

In addition, we offer kitchen renovations to upgrade your existing kitchen. We undertake the removal of old kitchen furniture, counters and cabinets, and replace them with new and modern elements that will refresh your space. Our professionals are experts in kitchen remodeling and ensure that the process is smooth, efficient and hassle-free.


At Stamoulis Group, we leverage our experience and expertise to provide superior services to our clients. Our goal is to create kitchens that combine functionality, aesthetics and durability, meeting the needs and expectations of each customer. In addition, we provide competitive pricing and personalized service to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction.

If you are thinking of renewing your kitchen or installing new kitchen furniture, kitchen worktops or kitchen cabinets, Stamoulis Group is the ideal choice for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs and begin planning and implementing your dream kitchen.